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General Pre-Surgical Information
Before any surgical procedure be sure you have discussed the following with your Doctor.
  • What time must I stop eating and drinking the nite before my surgery?
  • Do I need a special shower or bath before my surgery?
  • Generally clean bedding and pajamas should be on the nite of surgery.
  • Do not sleep with pets or other animals the nite before surgery.
  • If you smoke, stopping before surgery is beneficial, at minimum do not smoke on the day of surgery.
  • Be sure the site of your surgery is marked by the Dr. the day of surgery and verify it.
  • Be sure you bring a complete list of your medicines with you the day of surgery.
  • Let everyone know if something new has changed in your medical history since you scheduled the surgery.
General Post Surgical Information
  • Know when to change your dressing or should you change it.
  • Know what pain pills to take and how.
  • Know when and if a shower can be taken.
  • Know how to use any special items, crutches, slings, splints, cold packs, etc.
  • Know when to start physical therapy if needed.
  • Know when your follow up Dr. visit scheduled
  • Know how much weight you can put on a leg that had surgery.
  • Know how to care for an incision.
  • Know how to help prevent infection post surgery.
  • Know how to help prevent blood clots after a surgery.