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The Treatment of Pain

There are various causes of arthritis, and it is a progressive process that can cause pain, limited motion, life style changes, and the ultimate goal in its treatment is a better functional life. Modalities such as medicine, exercise, injections and surgery are options.


A general rule to treat arthritis is start simple and work your way up. Medicine options include pills such as tylenol, and antiinflammatory medicines. At times one needs to try the various antiinflammatory pill categories to see if one may work. For others a simple tylenol may be helpful. the logical progression is next to use other modalities like exercise to strengthen the muscles, heat or ice whichever is of benefit, and next may be injections as discussed in total joint alternatives. Lifestyle changes may be useful and ones expectations should be within reason and achievable.

Notice the flattened head of the hip on this x-ray. This would be a cause for hip pain.


Here is a hip xray showing the progression of the disease in 8 months time look at photo below to compare.


Notice the progression of loss of hip space.
Avascular necrosis of a hip, mri image



Surgical view of resected hip for avn