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Knee Arthroscopy involves placement of an optical camera within the knee. The knee can be examined and various structures probed to detect injury. This surgery can usually be accomplished through 2 to 3 small incisions, of course this may vary depending on the complexity of each case. Some normal anatomy can be seen below as well as pathology.
  meniscus tear                                                  normal meniscus(cartilage)
MRI showing tear of meniscus  
These can be repaired or resected depending on the nature of the injury when examined.
  A patient can use his or her own tendons(autograft) for repair or elect for a donor(allograft) repair for this surgery. There are various options available for this.
View of PCL and ACL as seen from behind the knee



Articular Cartilage Repair
Many methods are available for cartialge repair, this is an example of the OATS technique.
Lateral & Medial Meniscus